How to Find Alpine Slides

Alpine slides are popular choices among individuals interested in adventure sports across the United States. These long chutes, built into the sides of hills, satisfy thrill riders’ need for speed. While alpine slides can be found throughout the world, the United States is home to the majority of these speedy chutes. From California to Colorado, adventure seekers won’t have trouble finding a chute that meets or exceeds their expectations in our Alpine Slide Directory.

Finding Alpine Slide Locations in the United States

Because these slides are built into the sides of mountains, this does limit the parts of the country where you can find premier alpine sliding. At present, there are approximately 23 slides located throughout the country. These slides can be found in states such as Kentucky, Wyoming, Vermont, Montana, and California.

However, some of the more popular and well-known slides are found in ski resorts throughout Colorado. For instance, travelers visit the Winter Park Resort in droves to take a ride on the state’s longest alpine slide. At over 3,000 feet long, riders must board a chairlift to take them to the top of the slide where they will then proceed to experience the thrill of the 610 foot vertical drop. This is a slide that is not meant for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights.

Costs to Ride

Alpine slides tend to be inexpensive to ride compared to other types of adventure sports. In general, the cost to ride on of these slides is between $6 and $12 dollars. The cost depends on the popularity of the slide, the age of the participant, and how many times you want to ride. Some resorts may charge per ride, while others may offer packages and specials for unlimited rides. Many of the hotels in the area may also have coupons or special deals that you can take advantage of if you plan to spend the day sliding.

Safety Concerns

Alpine sliding is a sport that is considered relatively safe as long as proper procedures are followed. For instance, riders should always wear helmets when sliding down a chute. It is quite possible to build up to high speeds when riding on an alpine slide and, if you were to fall off the cart while in motion, you could sustain serious head injuries.

Riders should always pay attention to rules pertaining to the slide they are operating. In general, most alpine slides are designed to carry carts that hold one or two passengers; operating a cart with more than the allotted number of riders recommended for the ride, can lead to disastrous roll-overs. Parents with small children should also follow the age guidelines recommended by the operators.

The Bottom Line

Alpine slides are fun, family-friendly attractions that are designed for adventurists of all ages. Many people that were hesitant to try alpine slides find that they can’t get enough and may even begin a quest to seek out as many slides throughout the country as they can to try out. Are you ready for an alpine slide adventure?

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